Many companies who are offering freebies and samples are starting to require a credit card number to validate the customer’s info. This is because many have rules about “one per household” and too many are taking advantage of freebies by getting them multiple times in their name or a family member’s name.

BUT I like you don’t want to just give up my bank account number. And if I go buy a pre-paid card I am charged a fee to purchase it – usually at least $2.95, but usually $5.95! NOT frugal living if you ask me.

American Express is offering a FREE Amex Gift Card, complete with your name (or whom ever you would like!) on it. So no worries about giving bank account information or being charged something and risk being overdrawn.

This card isn’t only perfect for those pesky freebies that need validation, but also for budgeting. You can put your grocery money on it monthly and NEVER go over your budget again. Or you can use it as an emergency card.

Head over to American Express to order one for free! There are no annual fees, no credit checks (it’s a gift card, NOT a credit card), no fees for not using it. You do need to load it but you DON’T have to when you order it – you can load it at any time! Keep in mind this has a $0 balance until you load it. Plus it has your (or anyone you would like)’s name on it and is treated like a regular credit card everywhere you go.

  • I would suggest at least ordering the card right now – even if you don’t want to load it right away. That way you will have it in hand when you are ready to load it!

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