…but as Josh said “day isn’t over yet!”…

I went to do my NST this morning. The babies were doing just fine, although my little girl was again being completely uncooperative and moving away from the monitor. When they finally found her HB my boy decided to shift. FINALLY they got them both and instead of using the belts to secure the nurses held the do-hickeys in place for 10-15 min. I had a couple of contractions during the scan and both kids passed.

My blood pressure was up though. When I got to the hospital I began feeling shaky and just not right. The nurse brought me juice and toast to help me calm down a bit. It helped a little but not much. They ended up taking my BP a bunch of times.

BP #1 – 140/90.. hmm, seems high…
BP #2 – 144/92.. creeping up
BP #3 – 144/102.. uh oh.

I started to get nervous, which didn’t help. The nurse said she would call my Dr to find out if he wanted to deliver me today. TODAY?! I’m not ready! Josh and I began talking about it and resigned to the idea of being parents today and I began to feel better. And I started getting excited. But scared. The first thing out of my mouth was “I want my mom” and called her at work.

My Dr ordered bloodwork. When they first checked my BP they took away my juice, toast, and water and said nothing to eat or drink at all until we get some answers. Not even water…boo.. So between that and getting 4 vials of blood drawn I was feeling pretty woozy and dehydrated.

They also decided to use another BP cuff on me. So after that:

BP #4 – 139/89… getting better
BP #5 – 119/77… šŸ™‚
BP #6 – 117/74 Whew….

My labs came back normal and since my blood pressure went back down I was free to go… On one hand I was relieved that everything was ok, on the other hand I had already decided today was they day, so I was disappointed. I mean I am the very last of the twin mommies that I know to have my babies…. BUT the longer these kids stay in there the better off they are. Besides I only have 9 days max until they are in my arms.

My Dr decided that he knew enough of what was going on and said I didn’t have to go back to his office for my regular appointment (which I had missed anyway). He was going to do an internal but since I am having a cesarean and my contractions aren’t really painful, plus they are so erratic that it’s not a problem right now. And since I am officially full term at 37 weeks I am no longer at risk for pre-term (yay!)

AND I reported that bitch of a Dr to the charge nurse. She seemed pretty mad that I was treated that way and would take care of it for me. She also said that if I EVER needed anything at all, even if I wasn’t having labor signs and I just wanted to be monitored to call and they would take care of me. Now THAT’S the way to be treated. I love that staff…

So, I have one more NST next Tuesday and then D-Day on Thursday! Or sooner… I told Josh I wonder if the nurses are taking bets on when these kids get here…