I can say I want to go to SoFabCon because I want to better myself and my site. These are true. 

I heard all about how fantastic SoFabCon 2013 was from my dear friend Rita over at Mom With a Dot Com. She told me about the great workshops. The networking she did with both brands and other bloggers. She made me jealous! And seeing her blog before and after and how her writing style has grown, her photos are amazing, and the amazing opportunities she has received made me want to do the same thing. After talking with Rita, SoFabCon 2014 has been on my “top conferences to go to list”.

I can tell you I want all of that for myself. What blogger wouldn’t want to better themselves? Of course everyone will say these things. This is the BIG reason why I want to go to SoFabCon 2014. 

But really? I need a break! Do you realize how hard it is to focus and concentrate and grow when I have two monkeys climibing on me? I need grown-up-get-to-work time. Not the “pretend mommy isn’t here and see daddy if you want something”. That doesn’t work. Neither does  going to the coffee shop for an hour because I will inevitably get that call “when will you be home?”

Hear me plead in my video below. Ignore the disheveled hair, the lack of makeup, and the slightly panicked look. Or not, because that may just be the deciding factor on whether or not to chose me 😉

So send me. PLEASE. For the sake of my blog and my sanity!