Air Wick recently introduced the new Familiar Favorites Collection! I got to try it firsthand! Included in the new collection are:


Air Wick Snuggle – Fresh Linen

There’s nothing as comforting as the familiar smell of fresh laundry, especially when it has Snuggle® softness and freshness. When the scent of clean laundry, sunshine and pure white flowers blend together, your home will have the freshness you love.


Air Wick Baby Magic – Clean Baby

New moms describe the first few months with their baby as a “shining golden moment” in their lives. One of the things they remember most is the deep bond formed while bathing them with Baby Magic®. Enjoy one of the most powerful “memory scents” – the comforting scent of a clean baby.


Air Wick Cinnabon – Classic Cinnamon Roll

Come home to the warm, comforting aroma of world famous cinnamon rolls. It’s the irresistible smell of freshly baked dough, one-of-a-kind cinnamon and cream cheese frosting that makes Cinnabon cinnamon rolls so unforgettable. Now, you can enjoy that sweet scent whenever you want, every day.

I am such a fan of air fresheners. With two preschoolers, two dogs, and a cat there can be a plethora of odors and smells that I am not too fond of. My kids love to get messy and stinky (what kid doesn’t?), and of course accidents happen. One particular scent I just can’t get enough of is fresh laundry – so Air Wick Snuggle Fresh Linen is a perfect choice for my home and helps me feel calm and relaxed. 

I chose to put Snuggle Fresh Linen in the children’s bathroom – there are so many random yucky smells that come and go in there if you know what I mean. Air Wick helps the bathroom stay clean and fresh between cleanings so it’s always inviting! The Scented Oil stays bright and smells great for a month or more!

You can find Air Wick Familiar Favorites at most major retailers including Target, Walmart, and your local grocery store. Air Wick Familiar Favorites come in both Scented Oil and Freshmatic Automatic Spray.

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*while supplied with the item(s) reviewed I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.