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Soooo… I have something to admit. I am not a football fan. I know. SHOCKER. My husband LOVES football and watches it (along with enjoying some pizza & beer) every weekend. Me? I toy around on the computer, take the kids somewhere, and basically just become invisible. 

I don’t want to be that wife who says “you ALWAYS watch football!” because really? He doesn’t. He works hard and deserves to hog the tv when he wants to (usually). But I DO watch the BIG GAME (you know the one). I don’t usually watch it for the football, although I love the commercials and Half-Time. I watch it because it’s a good once-a-year thing for me to enjoy something with my man. 


The Big Game has always been pizza and beer day. I rarely drink beer, but yeah. I’ll get into it. And pizza? YES. I LOVE pizza. My favorite? DiGiorno! And the ONLY place to get it is Walmart!

Enjoy Game Time With DiGiorno & Walmart! #GameTimeGoodies

 I’m super excited because Walmart has DiGiorno Rising Crust (YUM) on roll-back – just $4.50 EACH. That’s a super score. That means you have an excuse to invite a few of your friends over. His too of course.

Enjoy Game Time With DiGiorno & Walmart! #GameTimeGoodies

Think of it this way – you call a pizza delivery place. They are naturally busy. Which means that they will take a while, pizza might be cold upon arrival, and you are paying a premium. For cold pizza. Go with that or DiGiorno? I’ll take DiGiorno any day.


Enjoy Game Time With DiGiorno & Walmart! #GameTimeGoodies

So next week when Seattle is playing Denver, I will be watching. With DiGiorno from Walmart. And beer. Will you?