I’m just gonna come right out and say it. My house can get messy.

As in please-call-before-you-come-over messy. It’s not that I suck as a homemaker, but seriously – chasing after two kids, plus a cat and a dog can exhaust me. The minute I clean one room to my satisfaction and move on to the next is when that first room gets attacked by the tornado twins.

Want to see what I mean?

Here’s my living room this morning…


(complete with my cat Dexter)

And here it is after I put the kids to bed….


—believe me now?

I love that my kids have such playful imaginations. What I don’t love are the toys everywhere, the crumbs, the spills… So the cleaners are pretty much just left out at my house because of how often I have to use them. Libman seems to understand the plight of the mom and has developed some great floor cleaners for us constant cleaners.


I was sent:

  • Libman Freedom Spray Mop
  • Freedom Concentrated Hardwood Formula
  • Freedom Concentrated Multi-Surface Formula
  • Some photo-taking items, like a mini-tripod, microfiber cloth, and a photo lamp
  • A handy bag to put it all in along with an iTunes gift card for photo-taking apps

More than 118 years ago, Libman® started as a small family company set on making the finest, most durable wire-bound corn brooms and has grown into a leader in the home cleaning industry. Over the years we’ve grown and introduced great products like the world-famous Wonder® Mop, Freedom® Spray Mop, Freedom® Floor Concentrates and much more.

My kids often eat snacks while they are playing in the living room, hence the hardwood laminate. I had carpet for years and I can honestly say “never again!”. With the combination of kid messes, pet dander, and dust that carpets can collect like a kid collects action figures. So I rely on products like Libman to keep my house tidy.

I have a fancy electronic floor cleaner, but sometimes (often) it’s a PAIN to lug it out. I LOVE Libman’s Freedom Spray Mop – no batteries, no fancy bottle of cleaner, no disposable cleaning pads. Just grab it from the closet (it’s light!), get that spill taken care of lickety-split, and put the Freedom Mop back. All in a span of like 3 minutes.

In 15 minutes I can have that mess all gone and my living room put back together. Of course that doesn’t mean I am done!

photo (1)

This area in my kitchen is a constant area of disarray. Luckily Libman is helping me out here.

The Libman Formulas are pretty cool – VERY easy to use. All you do is squeeze the bottle while upright until the top chamber is filled, pour it in, and add water. Boom. EASY.


… I think that was mac & cheese. I don’t know. All I know is it’s now gone!

You can find Libman products at most major grocery stores and supercenters – find a retailer online at Libman.com. Don’t forget to follow Libman on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates! Also be sure to print this high value $2/1 Libman Concentrated Floor Cleaner Coupon while it’s available!!

*I was supplied with the item(s) mentioned to faciliatate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.