* I was offered this vehicle to try out with my family for one full week. All opinions expressed are my own.


Being a family of 4 we often go places together and have a lot of baggage to handle. I feel like most of my time is either in the car or getting things & kids in/out of the car. I have been looking for something that would keep my family happy and comfortable, while having decent gas mileage, a car that’s not too big, but big enough to haul all of our stuff. When I was offered the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander for a week I was eager to see – is this the car for me?


A few features that immediately stood out to me from the get-go:

The size! It wasn’t ginormous and hard to park. That seems to be my first test – can I easily pull into any parking space? Answer: YES.


Adaptive Cruise Control: Ok, this feature is AWESOME. I love cruise control – I use it any chance I get on the freeway or highway. It’s good on mileage and easy on my pedal-foot. Adaptive Cruise Control uses sensors to determine how far the car in front of me is and will adjust the speed automatically so I am not running up on their bumper or having to tap my brake to get out of cruise control (which I LOATHE!). It also has paddle shifters on the steering wheel for when I want to down-shift for some extra oomph. I love doing that.


The stereo: Sponsored by Rockford Fosgate, a high end sound company. The sound rocks – whether I am listening to My Chemical Romance or Taylor Swift (hey don’t judge me, I KNOW you’ve hummed Shake It Off at least once!), the sound is crisp and clear. Using my phone in the car is super easy too as well as totally crystal clear. I used voice commands several times, no need to take my hands off the wheel or fiddle with the stereo or my phone.


I took the Outlander everywhere – to the kids’ school, grocery shopping, even to the Oregon Coast for a couple days! That car whizzed down the winding highway like it was on rails.

A couple of things that stood out that, in my mind was a bit of a miss (but not a dealbreaker!) were:

Gas Door Release – Although it’s in the place you would expect to find it – a lever near the driver seat – it’s the same color as the floor and is in a spot where it’s hard to find unless you know where it is. Here in Oregon there is a law that drivers do not pump their own gas, so the poor guy who was waiting for me had to wait like 5 minutes before I finally found the lever because I forgot where it was. I would imagine it might be hard to find at night so I would put some sort of sticker on it.

Seat Heaters – there are two settings besides off: “meh” and “I’m burning”. The low setting is hard to feel, but the high setting is just too much. It felt like I spilled hot coffee on my seat and sat on it. But no problem, I just won’t use the high setting that often!

Gas mileage is decent, about what you’d expect for compact SUV: 25/city & 31/highway. It does have an eco setting too that will shave a little lack of mileage off, which is very nice. I went all the way to Lincoln City and back from Portland and drove around my town without having to fill. The ride is nice an smooth, easy on the road, I am able to hear my kids when they tell me a story from the back seat because it’s pretty quiet when it comes to road noise.


Since I am in the market for a car, the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander is definitely in my top 5 to look at when the time comes! The MSRP starts at $22,995 up to about $31K depending on the bells and whistles. You can also always head to a Mitsubishi dealer and take it for a spin, see for yourself what it can do!