Being a part of the DriveSTI blogging team, I get the opportunity to try out new cars. Which is awesome, because I LOVE to drive. This post is not compensated and all opinions are my own.


When my rep Joe (and Alex!) brought me the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer to try for a week, I didn’t know what to expect from it. I didn’t have any travel plans, no place to go, nowhere to be. The Lancer seemed to be a great car for doing just that: day-to-day errands and such. I didn’t expect it to have the power it did in such a little auto.

The Lancer I got to try was the GT model – a few steps up from the base, a step down from the tip-top (Ralliart is the highest end). The model I had has a sticker price of around $27,000 but you can start at just over $17K for the base model.


The front and back end of the Lancer look mean, aggressive, and in charge. grrrrrr…. I like that the headlight slope down in a determined look. Is it just me or does everyone see a face in the front of cars? This one would be the little baddie that you don’t want to mess with, but you still kinda want to be her friend.


One thing I gotta mention, because this IS an important feature of the Lancer – this car is the winner of a 2015 IIHS Safety Award – 7 years running! Safety is such an important thing to me as a parent!

So back to the car. One of the biggest things I noticed as a driver was the “get up and go” as I called it. It zoomed. It gained speed quickly and effortlessly, with me not even noticing that I bumped up to 40MPH in a matter of seconds because it did it so smoothly. The gear changing is so subtle that you don’t have the “jerk” motion when you are driving it. I loved that!

The Lancer also features Rockford Fosgate – I had mentioned this in my Outlander review too, the stereo system is pretty sweet. At one point I was sitting at a red light blasting some My Chemical Romance (that’s my inner “emo teenager”) and noticed my rear view mirror was bumping to the beats, yet the notes and tones of the music was crystal clear. Like super sharp. Not to much bass, perfect amount of treble.

(sorry Meghan Trainor!)

Another plus to this little car – the surprising amount of trunk space. I am so use to having a low trunk in a compact sedan that I can put a suitcase in and that’s about it. So to have height as well as floorspace was pretty nice.


Now would I, as a mom of two (both in car seats) buy the 2015 Lancer? Short answer is maybe…

While I LOVED the car for what it was – fast, sporty, good-looking, economical – it was a little small for my brood. We all fit into the car, but we really just fit. I don’t see a 3 day trip somewhere being possible with all of our stuff. If the kids were older and out of car seats I would definitely be humming a different tune. Or if I had a smaller family, YES.

You can head over to your local Mitsubishi dealer to check it out for yourself. Be sure to pump those tunes on your test drive!