When I got started on Poshmark I wasn’t sure what all of these terms meant. I would have been so helpful to have a list to refer to but I couldn’t find one – so I made one! Add your own in the comments!

Poshmark terms and what they mean

  • Comps Comparable value. This is what you should expect to get for an item. 
  • BOLO Be on the lookout. Hot brands that sell quick but sometimes hard to find. 
  • OTL  Offer to likers. When someone likes an item you can send an offer of at least 10% off the listed price plus a shipping discount. 
  • ENL – Edit, Next, List Some think that doing this instead of sharing can boost algorithms and show your item to more people. 
  • Deathpile Items you haven’t listed. Rather, items you are procrastinating about listing. 
  • Bins  Goodwill Outlet. The outlet is called “the bins” because all of the goods are in big blue bins that you need to sift through to find stuff. Plus side is it’s all usually sold by the pound or for very very low prices. 
  • Love Note An optional review. Only reviews that are 5 stars show to the public. 
  • CCO – Closet Clear Out Poshmark has some days where a closet clear out is promoted, sometimes with incentives to random sellers. You lower your listing price by at least 10% to entice buyers. 
  • NWT New With Tags. No flaws and tags attached.
  • EUC Excellent Used Condition. Basically the item needs to look like it did when it was brand new but tags aren’t attached.
  • GUC Good Used Condition. Maybe went through a wash or two and has no holes or other visible signs of wear.
  • UA Urban Outfitters (brand)
  • WHBM White House Black Market (brand)
  • Anthro Anthropologie (brand/store)

Comment below with more terms to add and any questions you may have! if you are new to Poshmark you can get a credit for shopping by using code CAROLRESELLS 😀