So my friend Tabatha over at Tabulous mentioned she was participating in NaBloPoMo. I thought it was a neat idea. But what the HECK is it?

NaBloPoMo means “National Blog Posting Month”. November has been deemed the lucky month (thanks BlogHer) that we bloggers will commit to posting a personal blogpost every single day.

I have no idea what to write about. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So this should be interesting.

So this is post #1. Yeah, I know it’s November 2nd. Gimme a break here! 😉 I guess I will start with my morning….

I was woken up around 4am by two cats screeching their tires around my bed and playing/fighting. My kitties Dexter and Cersei have a love/hate relationship.


It’s usually the kids that will wake me up in the middle of the night, if not them then it’s the dog. So add cats to the mix and I rarely get a full night of sleep. Thankfully it’s Sunday and I have an awesome husband who let me sleep in until 10:30… ahhh!!!

One of my big problems is not being able go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I end up tossing and turning until around 2am, only to be up at 7:30 (at the latest). So my question to you – how do you get to sleep at night? I need pointers here! Leave your tips and tricks below and help a (tired) mommy out…