So now that I have a lot of new readers I want to reintroduce myself!
My name is Carol. I live just outside of Portland, Oregon (and LOVE it). I am a loving wife of 12 years to the man of my dreams and proud mommy to two rambunctious ADORABLE toddler twins. 
I became a mommy after nearly 9 years of fertility issues. I went through countless tests, procedures, 1 minor surgery and one major surgery and then finally IVF which did the trick. My team of doctors at Oregon Reproductive Medicine were incredibly amazing and patient as my own patience was wearing.
I began blogging a few years ago when I was going through fertility issues. While I was going through all of this I had a regular job as a manager for a *well known intimates company (sorry, remaining nameless!) as well as a couple of clothing shops.
For those of you going through infertility, you know the heartache and pain that come with it. For those who have gone on to become parents (no matter what the course), you understand the sheer joy of looking into your child’s eyes and the journey you took to get there. I am SO lucky to be able to feel that joy twofold! I’ll never forget that…

So now here I am – a 30-something year old mommy. That’s what I do – what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I blog deals because these are things that I would get (and have gotten!) and I would think you, my readers, would want to know about it. I also love the beach in the fall and winter, peanut M&M’s, fun and different handbags, and driving aimlessly (I have found awesome places doing that!). And my hair is slowly getting pinker and pinker 🙂 And I kinda love that…
So there you go! That’s who I am 🙂