I had my second u/s today, and my very last appointment with my amazing Dr who made this all possible….

The babies are growing well! Both are measuring 9w1d and have strong heartbeats! Baby A was at 167 and Baby B at 163… Baby A was wiggling around all over the place, it was so adorable! Sorry for the bad picture, there are more I will try to scan. There are 2 of Baby A, one head on and one profile. That’s when she wiggled. Yes, I said she, I have a very strong feeling A is a girl and B is a boy. Call it mother’s intuition šŸ™‚ We will see if I’m right in 2-3 months!!

I also got rid of my orginal OB and got a new one. Yay! I already feel happier about it! He was recommended by my RE and is even in the same building. So I get to deliver at Good Samaritan like I want and will be with a dr who has previous experience with my RE’s patients. So my next appointment is Sept 29th..

I had so much anxiety going into this u/s. I was scared to death. Josh couldn’t go with me either. It was stressful… poor guy, I was practically biting his head off all morning, so I am making it up to him by making ribs for dinner….
So happy!! Next week I will start posting belly shots…