Summer is basically already here for most of us, and while most of us want that beach body, overall health is important too! Clean eating is essential as 80% of a beach body is built in the kitchen! But what about the other 20% of that? Those of us with busy schedules might find that it’s hard to work in much of a workout with limited time. The good news is that not every workout takes an hour or more – some even take as little as ten minutes! Can you imagine fitting a ten minute workout into your day? Here’s a few to try!

Jump Rope

1. Jump roping.
Jump roping is a great way to get the heart rate elevated for a nice cardio blast. You might need to take this one outside, but it’s very simple and all you need is a jump rope! If you alternate between jump roping and another simple exercise for ten minutes, you’ll be adding some great cardio in your busy day.


2. Yoga.
Yoga is a great way to workout especially for those with recovering injuries, just starting out, or looking to relieve some stress. There are great yoga videos on YouTube that offer 10 minute sessions and some great DVDs on Amazon like this Perfect In Ten: Yoga 10-minute Workouts DVD. Yoga is fairly simple and a great option for anyone looking to start incorporating a daily workout in their schedule.


3. Jogging.
This is probably the easiest to do for most as you can just go outside and jog around your neighborhood! Jogging and running is a great way to workout and incorporate cardio into your day. Even if you don’t get far, ten minutes of consistently jogging is a huge fat blaster!

Ab Workout

4. Ab workouts.
If you do a series of ab challenging moves for ten minutes, not only will you have gotten in a great workout, but you’re sure to feel the results immediately! Cardio is important, but strength training is equally important so you could even alternate your workout every day to do some of the cardio options, or something like this for strength training!


5. Small weights.
Small weights are very affordable and can give you a great way to get a smaller workout in as well! An example of this would be grabbing two small hand weights and walking around a park, pushing them up over your head. You could alternate between that move and pulling them up in a curling motion for 10 minutes. Not only will you have a little cardio from the walking in this workout, but you have the added bonus of having worked and strengthened your arms!


6. Dancing/Zumba.
Dancing is an awesome workout, but it’s also extremely fun! You could have a dance party for one in your living room, or try for a more structured workout like Zumba. Most Zumba DVDs and games have the option to break it down into smaller segments so you could easily adjust this to do it for ten minutes. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour of Zumba so could easily burn 150 calories in just ten minutes!


7. Fat Blasting 10-Minute Workout with Jeannette Jenkins.
This YouTube video workout is incredible! You’ll burn a ton of calories in only ten minutes, but beware, it’s pretty advanced! You could absolutely do it as a beginner, it just might be hard to keep up in the beginning. But like anything, the more you work at it, the better you’ll get!