With Valentine’s Day coming up, romance is the word on everyone’s minds. With the stresses of everyday life, work, kids, and unforeseen events taking up the bulk of our energy, the romance in our relationships can unfortunately take the backseat more often than not. If you feel like your relationship has been lacking some zest, turn it around this winter and get some of that romantic spark back.

Gestures of Affection

Little gestures can leave a big impression, and it’s easy to incorporate small efforts throughout the day that will help your guy know how much he is loved. Grab a romantic gift for your sweetheart and have it delivered to his office for a surprise that will have him smiling all afternoon. Throw some secret notes into the pockets of his pants and jacket. He’ll pull them out in confusion later and be greeted with your sweet sentiments—that can make any long day at the office go much quicker. Order his favorite dinner just because, and give him an extra-long kiss before he leaves in the morning that will be on his mind all day.

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Weekly Dates

Choose one night of the week and designate it as your date night, rain or shine. Too often we let life get in the way of going out and doing something special, and you’ll be amazed at the difference this weekly commitment can have on your romance. These dates don’t have to mean spending a fortune. Whether it’s a dinner out or a walk together through your local park, what matters is the time spent focusing on each other, not the amount of money you spend.

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Head Out on Vacation

Sometimes you need to get out of town to truly reconnect. Plan a vacation with your sweetheart, even if it’s just a weekend trip a few hours away. You can also consider a stay-cation and rent a hotel downtown for a trip that takes out the cost of transportation, but transports you away from everyday life. Once you check in, don’t leave the room. Spend the evening cuddling under the covers, order room service and take advantage of all of the hotel’s amenities. If you really want to give him a romantic surprise, order his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant and have it delivered—Mom always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you can’t afford a hotel at present, wait until the weather warms up and pull out that old tent for a night spent sleeping under the stars.

Take a Class

Shared activities help us strengthen relationships, and if you two can agree on a hobby you’d both like to try you’ll see yourselves growing closer every day. Maybe it’s a gourmet cooking class, a massage therapy instruction, or a dance class that will help you tango your way back into romance; whatever you choose, special dates like this are worth the investment. Check out Living Social for deals on a number of couple’s classes that you’ll both enjoy.

Spice it Up

Do what you can to physically reconnect with each other, especially if it has been noticeably absent from your relationship as of late. Maybe you can shock him with a new set of lingerie, or set up a boudoir photography shoot and surprise him with the prints to turn a normal day into an extraordinary one. Even the smallest of indications that you’re looking to spice things up can make a big difference. Bedding tends to be on sale in the first few months of the year, and your hubby will definitely know something’s up when he walks into the bedroom and takes in your new romantic silk sheets.

Destress Together

If stress has been getting in the way of your romance, make an effort to destress and book a couple’s massage at a local spa. You will both leave feeling calm, rejuvenated, and more prepared to let go of outside stressors and focus on each other.

Bringing back the romance should be at the top of your priority list. Small efforts speak volumes and if each of you puts in the work, you’ll both reap the rewards of a happy relationship.