This Valentine’s Day, millions of singles will be without a main squeeze. However, lacking a significant other doesn’t mean they have to spend the night with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. This year, they can kick Cupid to the curb and embrace their single status! AT&T recommends these five apps to help singles seize the day…


1)      Romance Audiobooks

unnamed (6)What could be better than burying your nose in a book? Download Romance Audiobooks and make all of your romantic dreams come true without ever having to fight over the channel changer. This free app has a large library containing best sellers and new releases, and allows you to download or stream them directly to your devices. Nicholas Sparks and “The Notebook” are calling your name! Free to download.


2)      iChocolate

 unnamed (5)It has been scientifically proven that chocolate is in fact better than being in love. In which case, you are encouraged to download this appetizing app. iChocolate provides you with delicious recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth and warm your heart. $0.99 to download.


3)      Netflix

unnamed (4)There’s nothing wrong with changing your relationship status to sweatpants and Netflix… download this app for a night full of films ranging from sad and sappy to hilarious romantic comedy. No matter your mood, Netflix is sure to be the best Valentine… all you have to do is bring the snacks. Free to download. 

4)      GiddyUp

unnamed (3)Let’s face it, singles are more fun – and GiddyUp is perfect to plan a night out with your single friends. Meet up at a non-romantic restaurant, schedule a sunset workout on the beach or shoot some hoops with your crew.  Get out of the house and into something fun with friends. Free to download.


5)      OkCupid

unnamed (2)While singlehood is great, why not search for a soulmate? The OkCupid app has you covered and will match you with some cuties in no time.  Create a profile, provide information about yourself and wait for the responses to roll in. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with looking! Free to download.