I didn’t realize how much I needed a WiFi hotspot in my car until AT&T sent me one. Seriously. I was living without internet in the 2nd most-spent place in the world – my Honda Pilot. Now? I am SOLD. Surf the Web, play games, watch movies, stream music, and much more on the road with the ZTE MobleyTM— by sharing your data with up to five Wi-Fi capable devices in your vehicle.


5 Reasons You Need a Hotspot In Your Car

1. Keep connected everywhere

No longer will you lose data service in bad areas. Imagine this – you are driving along and you get a flat tire. Your reception isn’t great. With the ZTE Mobley snapped into your car it’s a cinch to find and contact help when you need it.


2. It’s easy to install

All you need to do is plug it into the diagnostic port in your car. No wires. No cables. no charging. You car battery keeps it charged up and ready to go all the time. So when you get in your car your WiFi connection will seamlessly switch over without any loss of data.

3. Keeps the kids happy

Long road trips often start with “mom I’m BORED…”. Kids can get tired of the same DVD playing if you have a DVD player installed in your car – and who wants to carry around DVDs anymore? With the ZTE Mobley you are connected to the internet, so kids can watch Netflix cartoons, their favorite YouTube channels, or play games online.  No more boredom, no more fighting over what to watch, just some peace & quiet during those hours on the road.


4. You can still work on the road

This is my favorite reason – when my husband and I are heading up to Seattle from Portland (which we do often), I often feel a bit chained to my phone and try to work from it, but fail miserably. With the WiFi hotspot I am able to use my laptop and get some real work done – everything I could do at home I can now do while out and about.

5. It’s only $20 a month

At&T has the ZTE Mobley Hostspot for just $20 a month with a 2 year contract, the device itself is no charge with this option. OR you can get the device for $99 and pay as you go. Easy peasy!

You can find out more at AT&T.com or head over to your local AT&T location!