It’s something we just don’t really think about – toilet paper. You don’t often notice when it’s good or bad until you come across one that’s REALLY bad (or really good). And then? It’s too late. I had that until Charmin sent me some Ultra Soft for my family and I to try for a week. My bathroom experience has changed for the better.


Think back to the last time you were in a public place – mall, movies, dinner out – and had to pee. You went into the bathroom stall, placed one of those who-are-we-kidding paper protectors on the seat, and did your business. Then you reached for the toilet paper and immediately regret leaving your home without using your own facilities and t.p. The toilet paper is rough, single-ply, and seems impossible to pull off without taking the entire roll with it. Or when you do wipe you are left with a scratchy sensation (or lint) on your nethers.

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I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that. Charmin Ultra Soft is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I promise. Here’s 5 reasons why…

1. Charmin doesn’t leave you with a linty butt.

Charmin doesn’t have those annoying fibers that come off onto your skin and ultimately start to tickle, itch, and make you uncomfortable. Frankly, it’s gross.


2. Charmin isn’t going to scratch you.

Using a less-than-stellar brand left me and the family raw and sore. It was like wiping with construction paper. Or cardboard. Charmin Ultra Soft is just that – soft. It’s not going to leave you chafed.

CHM Bears Blue UltraSoft Leonard WiderSheet

3. Charmin rolls last a while.

They are big enough to last a while on your roller, plus since it’s so soft and plush you don’t need as much as that icky brand that doesn’t feel so good. So money-saver? Heck yes!

 4. Charmin won’t clog your plumbing.

Did you know that at Procter & Gamble there is an entire facility dedicated to making sure Charmin will break down quickly and efficiently and will not clog your system? Yep. I was there. Honestly, the place is kinda gross, but that’s because the scientists and engineers use septic water from the city of Cincinnati to make darn sure every batch of Charmin made is to the appropriate sewage specs. So Charmin is good for your home.

5. Charmin is environmentally friendly.

Did you know…. Procter & Gamble does not cut down any trees to be made. Instead they use shavings leftover from lumberyards. So the parts of the tree that lumberyards don’t use, Charmin does.

I’m also going to let you in  on a little secret… more like a confession…


I bring my toilet paper with me.

I know, it sounds like I bring a big ol’ roll in my purse. NO… You can actually find Charmin To Go in the travel section of most stores, but I keep a stash of Charmin Ultra Soft in a zip baggie in my purse. It’s for those times when I am out and come across the scratchy paper in public stalls. When you try it you’ll be doing the same thing.

Find Charmin pretty much everywhere – you don’t have a excuse to not buy it!

Do you love Charmin? Head over to Facebook and tell them, you’could WIN a year’s supply of Charmin!

As a Charmin Brand Ambassador I receive compensation for posting. All opinions are my own. And yes, I do keep Charmin with me at all times.