5 Life Lessons for Your Child

Everyone struggles with being organized and keep chaos out of their lives. Children need to be taught how to be organized and how important it is. You won’t believe how much stress can be alleviated in your life and in your child’s day to day life with just a little organization and preparation. Here are 5 things you should be teaching your child to help them have a less stressful life.

1. Don’t Procrastinate

Chaos comes out of procrastination. When your child has a book report due, they should not wait until the night before they have to turn it in and to begin to write. What do they discover? There is more to the book report than just writing a single page about it. They find that the teacher wants a journal kept as they read it along with a character map to display as they give their book report presentation. All of that now has to be done in one night which is virtually impossible.

When an assignment is given to your child, you read over the requirements with them and show them how they need to review it immediately so they can plan out what and when has to be done. The project will go so much smoother with less stress and with a much better grade in the end. Apply this same principle to all aspects of your child’s life.

2. Have a Place for Everything

Having a place for everything is important. Nothing gets lost that way. This can be one of the most frustrating parts of teaching your child to be more organized. It will take creativity on your part and patience.

Children need order about them. They just don’t like to go about learning it. When they come in from school and throw their backpack in one direction, their coat in another, and their shoes somewhere that swallows them up, it creates chaos. Have a place for them. Put up a hook for their coat and another for their backpack. Have a bench for their shoes. Paint their hook and their section of the bench in their favorite color or put their initials on it. It might take practice but they will begin to use it more as they get used to it. Apply this same method to items in their room and around the house.

3. Making Choices

It is hard for children to learn to make choices. They want to do everything and have everything. By teaching them how to make smart choices, you give them an edge up in life that will help them in the future. When they want to invite every kid in the class to your house for a slumber party, talk to them about how this could end up and what choices might be better for her and for you.

4. Pulling Their Weight

Children take many things for granted. That includes what happens at home. They don’t understand that they are a part of a family unit. If they are not taught responsibility, this will become part of them outside of the home. Give them daily chores. Have them help with the laundry. You will not believe how much better they will treat their clean clothes when they see what all is done to get them washed and put away. They’ll appreciate dinner more when they have to help make it. Show them they are a part of the family in every way while teaching them to be responsible and helpful.

5. Accepting Responsibly

Children are so cute when you ask who ate the last cookie and they deny it or blame someone else. This cuteness ends when the results are something worse than a missing cookie. When a child does not do something they are supposed to, there are consequences to those actions. Did they forget to wash the dishes? Explain to them how breakfast can’t be made because they didn’t wash the items needed to make it. Did they not feed the dog? Explain to them how the animal could starve or get sick because they forgot to do something. Life isn’t a game and children have to be taught that they can’t just hit the reset button and make it all better.

Tip for Parents’ Success

Don’t forget to praise your child when they get it right or make an attempt to follow any of these lessons. Praise goes a long way with anyone. It helps them want to do better next time. Think of how you would feel if no one said, “Good job”. You would stop even trying. As your child learns to be a responsible adult, you have to always be there helping them along. You can’t hold their hand, but you can be their cheerleader.

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