Are you kidding me? These little munchkins turned 4 months on Sunday!
AND – exactly one year ago today I was patiently waiting for my beta results…. Wow. What a difference a year makes… Reading back on everything is so surreal. Did we REALLY do all that we did or was it just a dream?
So on with the babies….


He’s such a mama’s boy! Loves cuddles in the morning, ALWAYS wakes up with a huge crooked smile on his precious face.He’s still in the cosleeper next to me so I get to wake up and see this face. Sometimes he sleeps in the crib in the corner of our room and Riley goes in the cosleeper, but since Dylan usually wakes up first it’s easier to have him there.
He eats like a little horse! I am guessing close to 40oz a day. I have had to go out and buy bottles that will hold 8oz because when he’s done with a 5oz he is still hungry!
He is learning to sit up on my lap (assisted) and it also starting to show interest in what I am eating, so we will go to solids soon. Like I said, he’s a total mama’s boy – he doesn’t really get upset unless I am out of sight. Even if I go to the kitchen to make him a bottle and I talk to him – if he doesn’t see me it’s waterworks! And it’s so sad – when he cries it’s now that “wah wah” whiny cry – it’s tears, red eyes, and pouty lip. When he smiles he beams. And his laugh is adorable 🙂 His hair still has a touch of red in it. His eyes are slowly turning green! Basically he looks like Josh with my coloring 🙂
Such a little independent one… Although she isn’t smiling in this picture she does smile every single morning at me.
Look at those eyes! They look like they are getting lighter and staying blue! I am betting she will have bright blue eyes like her daddy – the kind that can look right through you. Her hair is getting long and starting to curl more, still dark but with gold streaks. Her roots are lighter brown. I don’t know if she is going to be blond, stay brunette, or go red. Either way she’s a beautiful little girl!
She eats closer to 32oz a day – she kind of snacks all day, it’s hard for her to take a full bottle. She is also learning to sit up on my lap. She definitely prefers to sit completely upright and not lean back on anything so I find myself with her sitting on my lap and me holding her shoulders.

They both coo and talk all of the time. This morning Dylan decided to have a long and seemingly important conversation with his teddy bears. Riley talks to her monkey a lot, saying “oooh oooh ooh”, so I guess she is speaking monkey language 🙂 They also talk to eachother a lot – so cute!!
They are both really close to rolling over back to tummy! And they can more or less hold their own bottles for a couple of minutes. It’s amazing to see them progress as quickly as they are!  We have a pediatrician visit tomorrow so I get to see how much these little angels weigh! They also get shots 🙁 Booo….