Yesterday was my birthday. I had a nice quiet day full of snuggles with my doggies and relaxing. And cake, but not a lot. I have been on a strawberry kick so Josh got me a yummy angel food cake with strawberries all over it. Delish!

I am now 36 years old. I don’t feel it at all.

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant. I have kept these babies safe and warm for 36 weeks now! I have 16 days left until my scheduled babies day. However I still don’t think I will get that far. I am still have a lot of contractions, my son is so low in my pelvis it’s become increasingly difficult to walk. My daughter has flipped around to head down position. Things have just seemed to speed up over the last week.

It’s all so crazy. It’s hard for me to remember what it was like to not be pregnant, yet so easy to recall the pain and heartache these last few years have given me. I am so ready to start this new chapter in our lives. Won’t be long now!

I have a dr appt as well as a NST at 4:00. I’m anxious. Of course I am ALWAYS anxious before appointments. Early on it was anxiety over making sure the babies are ok. Now it’s all about when “it’s time”.

My sister and my niece both have their birthdays tomorrow. Maybe they will have to share?