28 1/2 week pic (and a photobomb)

Life She Has
So here it is in all it’s glory. The 28-week-measuring-39-week belly 🙂

And Molly photo-bombing me in the corner! She follows me around all of the time, when I chill on the couch she lays her head across the belly, gets kicked by her strong brother and sister, but still doesn’t budge from my side 🙂 She even has to be in the bathroom when I shower!

And here is brave me showing the bare belly… note the absence of stretch marks (WOOHOO!) And the belly button trying so hard to pop out… any day now…

Maybe one day I will actually get one with my face in it 😉 But usually when I take these pics I am in no position to be photographed, so these will have to do…

Life She Has

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