25 weeks!

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So here I am.. sitting at 25 weeks pregnant with my two little ones… Pretty awesome 🙂 freakout = 11-15 weeks to go!!!!

What’s going on:
The babies viability has shot from 50% last week to nearly 70% this week! Woohoo!! Every day is like a little miracle in itself… Head to feet each one is roughly 13 1/2 – 15 inches long. They are getting fatter and fatter and their little lungs are developing. Their nostrils are now unplugged so that they can take some practice breaths…

As far as I’m concerned, I still have the same ol’ aches and pains as before – hips hurt, back hurts, acid reflux (blech!!).. A warm-hot soak in the tub helps for the pain and whoever invented Maalox needs a medal… I have also had a minor cold this past week. Nothing major, just fuzzy-head feeling… My belly keeps on growing, I feel like I can see changes daily! I always think it’s funny when I am getting out of the tub and when I pull myself up my stomach muscles tighten and I can see exactly where my little girl is in my belly – today she was more in the center – my belly looked like a pyramid 🙂 The boy is still low in my hips, I feel him kick in the strangest places…

a few days ago my girl decided to stick a foot (?) high in my ribs and I am still tender there. I have heard of people dislocating ribs during pregnancy, although it doesn’t feel quite that bad it’s something I need to mention to my Dr next week…

Josh began work on his Christmas gift from me – a new tattoo! He didn’t know what to get and then had an epiphany. He currently has a 1/2 sleeve tattoo on his arm and decided to finish the sleeve. Yep, my husband is in the process of having a completely tattooed arm. shoulder to wrist. That’s A LOT of commitment, but I am all for it – I love tattoos 🙂

Anyway back to his epiphany – he decided to get twin Japanese tigers on his arm for his twin babies 🙂 Awwww! I loved the idea! He has one done so far and will get the other done in 3 weeks. The shop we go to is in Auburn, WA (Action Tattoo). While we were there last weekend, I found out 2 of the artists are going to be daddies next year, so we all talked pregnancy and babies. I warned them about mood swings and that their wives don’t mean it. And I told them that they need to do whatever their wives want them to and it will make thier lives soooo much easier 🙂 So to Henry and Jose’s wives – you are welcome 🙂

No, not these tigers… but they sure are adorable….

Life She Has


  1. love the tat idea…:) so sweet!

    25!! i’ve been working like a madwoman on your shower gift for those little loves…:) thinking about you and them everyday and putting love in every part of what i’m working on…

    love you sis..

  2. Congrats on 25 weeks! I am relieved to hear you can at least still get in and out of the tub. It gives me hope 🙂 since it’s one of my favorite things!

  3. Congrats on 25 weeks! I am relieved to hear you can at least still get in and out of the tub. It gives me hope 🙂 since it’s one of my favorite things!

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