22 Weeks :) And new pic!

Life She Has

I’m freaking out over how fast this is going!

Biggest update – Josh finally felt the babies move! He and I were sitting on the couch last night, I grabbed his hand and told him to keep it on my tummy and one of the babies kicked 🙂 it was cool…

I can definitely tell they have grown a lot since last week. The kicks are getting stronger and more frequent. This morning I was lying in bed and they were really moving and turning! For a while the squirming they both did made me feel a little dodgy, like I ate something bad, but now it’s completely different. Good different!

The Boy has found a lovely spot to stretch right between my hips. He actually hurts me when he stretches sometimes! He likes being low – during my sono last week he had turned and his head was right above my cervix. Not yet little man!

In other news my car broke down yesterday. Boo. It overheated so I filled it with fluids and now it has a loud tick. I was so upset I called Josh at work to tell him I was just going to wait for him to get me after work. It was only an hour so I just sat there and read. But when he called telling me he was on his way I started crying. Hard. I was a blubbering idiot over a stupid car. I just didn’t like the feeling of being stranded, nor did I like the idea of not having a car. Josh said not to worry, we will go back today after the car had a chance to sit for a while and see what happens. We can either spend the money to have it fixed, buy a new car, or be a one car family for a little while. None of these options excite me… So I will update on what happens…

Ok time to try my hand at being productive today. Starting with wrapping presents 😉

Life She Has


  1. I HEAR YA GIRL!! My girl is sitting right between my hips and I told one of my coworkers she must have her hands on one hip bone and her feet on the other and she must be pushing them apart as hard as she can!!!!!!! OUCH!!!!

    Belly is lookin’ good!!

  2. i wasn’t finished..haha

    i wanted to say i’m sorry about the car. car issues are the worse. hopefully it isn’t anything too bad with your’s and you can get it fixed for not too much…*hugs*

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