21 Weeks! (and a day)

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Wow. 21 weeks already. Insane.

Updates: Babies are doing great, moving around like crazy! They move and kick the most at night, around 2am. I think they are just preparing me for what’s to come 🙂

I had a dr appt today and the babies are about a pound each. A whole pound! They are in my uterus “bunk bed style”. Now that I know that it’s easier to tell who is who when I feel them. The Girl had the hiccups last night. Cute! As far as we can tell, this pregnancy is going as smooth as it can possibly go. I know that would be a different story if I was still working. Even my blood pressure has gone down 🙂

So far so good. I am feeling good except for sciatic pain and acid reflux, but that is so minor. We got our Christmas tree, I have yet to wrap presents, but I have sent out most of my cards. Josh’s parents will be spending the holiday with us so I am mentally preparing for that.

I also got my glider rocker today 🙂 I took a nap and when I woke up Josh had it all put together. And the cat was snuggled up on it already! You see why I haven’t put the crib together yet?

I also registered with Target and Babies R Us 🙂 so I am feeling a little better about preparations.

Yay babies 🙂

Life She Has


  1. you’ve got some good size twins in there! hahah the only 2 people i know who have had twins both went full term with 7+ pound babies…just sayin’…hehe

    i’m so happy you are doing so incredibly well! stopping work was the best thing…*hugs*

    nieces both say hello and thank you for the card! they were excited to get one from their twin cousins..LOL

    love you sis!

  2. You’re making great progress! Do you get woken up when they are at it at 2 am? I’m not sure if mine are not active in the middle of the night, or if I sleep through it. 🙂

    Thanks for the card, too!

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