19 Weeks!

Life She Has

How Far Along: 19 Weeks!

Weight Gained: Still only up 15 lbs as far as I know… maybe gained a pound

Measuring: Still about 44″, however my uterus has grown upward, the fundus is right below my rib cage now…

Babies are the Size of: A large mango..

Cravings: Ahh, what don’t I crave? Let’s see, this week has been more fruit. And cinnamon.. and noodles…

Belly Button: Getting flatter! Josh looked at it the other day and said it looked “freaky” 😉

Stretch Marks: nope! so far so good!

Sleep: Again, eh… it’s been ok, I have been napping a lot in the afternoons…

Genders: Still a boy and a girl 🙂 And getting closer with names, although we aren’t sure so we aren’t gonna talk too much about it here (sorry!)

Labor Signs: None whatsoever 🙂

Worst Moment: The scaitica is a killer. It has migrated from my left hip to my inner thighs (?). Plus I have had acid reflux like mad! I had never really had it before. I woke up two days last week with a sore throat because of it. blech.

Best Moment: Feeling definite kicks!!! It’s too cool for words! The Boy has migrated a bit further south and has set up camp right above my bladder. He kicks me really low in my abdomen. Last night he actually woke me up with 3 swift thuds 🙂 The Girl is up higher on my left side. She kicks these little dainty kicks and squirms a lot. I have been feeling her way more than The Boy, the week before it was the other way around…

What I Miss: Dairy products. I really want some yogurt…. Plus I tried making tomato soup with almond milk and it was kinda gross…

What I’m Looking Forward To: Lots of things! More kicks, my crib here tomorrow… Thanksgiving and lots of turkey!

Milestones: The biggest milestone would probably be feeling the kicks more and more. It’s so reassuring that I can actually feel them moving around and I know they are doing just fine 🙂

So other than that I have been relaxing, making more etsy stuff, and spending time with Josh. I do get tired super easily, though – We went to run errands the other day and halfway through the grocery store I needed to go sit down because I was feeling faint. I just need to listen to my body and not overdo it! I’m telling ya, if I was still working I would be totally not helpful…

Life She Has


  1. I took a trip around Costco the other day and thought I was going to die! You definitely gotta listen to the bod. Happy you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I took a trip around Costco the other day and thought I was going to die! You definitely gotta listen to the bod. Happy you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Ugh..I feel like I can’t go anywhere anymore!! Pre-pregnancy I would spend the day running around the mall, doing errands etc…now I spend a half an hour walking around the mall and I need to find somewhere to sit. I think all my Christmas shopping will be done online this year!

    And today my lower ribs were hurting…and I was wondering if its because my ute is right there…but I dont’ think it should hurt..I dunno.

    I’ve been feeling my girl kicking a lot…down south…but I haven’t felt my boy that much at all…I was getting a little worried! Sounds like our kids are in opposite positions! I go tomorrow for an ultrasound so hopefully everything will be okay with him!

    Too fun that most of our symptoms are the same!! It feels so good and reassuring to hear that you’re going through the same stuff!!

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