And all is well! Here’s a breakdown of everything so far:

How far along: 17 weeks today!

Weight gained: not sure, I’m guessing around 10-15 lbs but I will know tomorrow. I don’t have a scale at home 🙂 I think the babies are eating my existing fat 😉 Oh, and as a reference I was wearing size 31 jeans pre-pregnancy…

Measuring: 43 inches around with my belly button as a reference. This is a better way for me to know that the babies are growing rather than how much I weigh…

Babies are the size of: a turnip!

Cravings: Noodles, bacon, and beef. I have developed an aversion to milk though! It makes me sick to my stomach now! I also drink gallons of water, I seriously crave it! One day last week there wasn’t any bottles water in the house and I about lost my mind!

Belly button: innie, but it’s flattening out.

Stretch marks?: Nope not a one… hopefully it will stay that way!

Sleep: Eh. I take a nap when I get home from work, but sleeping at night has become a challenge. I have found that putting my body pillow under my belly helps me sleep on my side better. I can still kinda sleep on my stomach, but I do need a little pillow-manuevering to do so…

Genders: a boy and a girl!

Labor signs?: Not really, still more Braxton Hicks though.

Worst moment last week: continued spotting. Babies are fine, but one of my placentas has gravitated toward my cervix. Not covering it, but too close for my comfort.

Best moment: telling Josh the genders 🙂 I gave him a bunch of baby stuff – mostly sale Halloween, such as two skeleton sleepers and two fuzzy costumes (a puppy and a sweet pea). The last things I gave him were 2 sleepers – one blue/black stripe that said 100% boy on it and one pink with guitars. He was beyond thrilled but we were both sad ye wasn’t there for the u/s. I had it early because of the spotting, he had to work.

What I miss the most: Energy. and coffee..

What I am looking forward to the most: feeling definitive kicks! The babies’ cartilage is beginning to harden so I should be able to feel it soon!!

Milestones: Being able to actually but something gender-specific!

So there you have it!! So far everything is in track. I have an appt tomorrow and I am really hoping to be able to quit work. It’s been exhausting and uncomfortable…