… til I get cut open abdominally. Ugh, just when I am all cool with it I think of the what-ifs, such as

  • “what if there’s a major complication and they just take my uterus out completely?”
  • “what if I get a bad infection?”
  • “what if they leave something in my body that shouldn’t be there?”

Obviously there are other what-ifs I am not touching on… My blood counts are good so I am low risk for a transfusion, and my sister in law surgical tech told me to tell them to “make sure you get the maliables out”, apparently those are the things that hold it all open while the surgeon does his job… sorry, too much information?

So right now I am thinking of the corporate visit I am getting at my store on Thursday that I will never be ready for… and I have a whole big shopping list of things I need to get prior to going to the hospital, so that’s fun (not)….

Ok, time for chocolate….