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Did you know that baby wipes aren’t just for baby bottoms anymore? There are a multitude of uses – here are just a few!

  1. Mild makeup remover – for those nights you just don’t want to wash your face
  2. Spot clean the carpet (check on an inconspicuous spot for color fastness first) – I actually got dark blue paint out of my carpet.
  3. Freshen “down there”
  4. Clean around your faucets and your sink
  5. Clean deodorant or makeup off of clothing (check inconspicuous spot)
  6. Freshen up after a workout
  7. Clean hair dye off of your skin
  8. Clean dry erase boards and chalk boards
  9. Clean TV, computer, tablet, and phone screens
  10. Use a baby wipe on a Swiffer to get sticky spots (or just get down on your hands and knees 😉
  11. Clean ink off of ANYTHING. Vinyl dolls especially!
  12. Cleans leather/vinyl shoes.
  13. Clean your dashboard in the car (great for those “stuck in traffic” times).
  14. Swipe a wipe along your windshield wiper blades to clean the dust & dirt off.
  15. Clean your pet’s feet after a walk.

What do you use baby wipes for? Comment below!