Thought I’d share…
Lately I have STILL had headaches. It’s the worst part of this, waking up every day to my head pounding. I know that today it has to do with catching a mild cold. Otherwise I am feeling good, still tired, but doing well.
I made a major decision. I have my next dr appt on Nov 11 (17 weeks). I am having such a tough time with work being on my feet all day, the stress of it, and just really feeling sick. I have had some pressure in my belly which the nurse attributes to my uterus growing, but it is so uncomfortable when I have to stand all day. If I am still feeling that way appt time, I am going to tell him about it, if he has a good suggestion I will follow it. But I will most likely quit my job anyway. If I put in my 2 week notice the next day I will be done by Thanksgiving. Which means this would be the first holiday season in my adult life I can actually celebrate. I wouldn’t have to miss Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends because I have to work the next day. I can relax at my sis-in-law’s at Christmas and not have to worry about driving up late Christmas eve or leaving at midnight Christmas night.
It’s scary, though. Not having that extra income AND having 2 new mouths to feed, but I know we will get through it all šŸ™‚