One of my favorite grocery stores to shop at is Albertsons. Why? Here are TEN reasons!

#10 – This is BIG, people!

The Albertsons Stock Up Sale is HUGE! The prices are amazing, even if you don’t have manufacturer coupons to add to the sale prices (although those coupons stack up!)

#9 – Ads are readily available online.Albertsons_WeeklyAd

It’s so easy to shop when I can just click a sale item in the ad and it instantly goes on my shopping list. I can then print it and go – no straying from it or wandering aimlessly down the aisles, forgetting what I need..

#8 – Friendly Staff! 

I have never encountered a grumpy employee. It seems like the Alberstons employees genuinely love their jobs!

#7 – Convenient locations

Did you know there are over 2000 Albertsons locations throughout the Western United States? Everywhere from California to Colorado, North Dakota to New Mexico!

#6 – Printable coupons online

Easily print hundreds of coupons online for your favorite products straight from Albertsons website. So convenient.

#5 – Recipes straight to your inbox

If you subscribe to Albertsons emailed newsletter, you’ll get easy and delicious recipes delivered straight to your inbox, often coinciding with sale items so you get more bang for your buck.

#4 – Those recipes are on the website too!

Super easy to try some new dishes!

#3 – If you don’t feel like cooking…

Albertsons has some fabulous grab-and-go items like Rotisserie Chicken, lasagna, fried chicken and more in every deli. So those nights you don’t feel like cooking? Your family won’t starve!

#2 – They have an app!


The Albertsons App is an easy peasy way to keep up on deals!

#1 – AMAZING Sales!!

Did I mention how great the deals and sales are? Right now the Stock Up Sale is in full swing, but keep an eye on the Albertsons website and I know you will see more “how do they do that” deals!

Why do you love to shop at Albertsons?

*This post is sponsored by Albertsons