While I was in LA doing press for Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out (in theaters 6/19!), I got a chance to check out the brand new merchandise for the film and fell in love!



Here are my top 7 MUST-HAVES and where to find them!1261000442297

1. Bing Bong Plush ($19.95, Disney Store/

I immediately gravitated to this large Bing Bong plush toy. Not only is he soft and huggable, but he actually smells like cotton candy! He made the perfect snuggle partner for my trip home from LA and makes me so happy whenever I snuggle him.


Home again home again, but not without Bing Bong… #InsideOutEvent #thanksmarshall #thanksdisney

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2. Funko Pop! Inside Out Characters ($10.99, various stores including Hot Topic & Amazon)

Everyone seems to LOVE Funko Pop! vinyl figurines and the Inside Out versions are especially adorable! Each have the classic Funko features – wide head, button eyes, but they all depict their personalities perfectly. Disgust now sits on my oven ledge (and no, that’s NOT a depiction of my cooking!).   Inside OUt Mugs

3. Inside Out Mugs, ($12.95 Each, Disney Store &

I LOVE these mugs – each one is a different shape and show very cute versions of each character. Having a good morning? Grab the Joy cup! A little crabby? The square Anger cup might suit your day. Inside Out Uggs

4. Official Inside Out Sneakers by Ugg ($69.95-$144.95, and Nordstrom)

Be on the lookout for these SUPER CUTE shoes from Ugg – each inspired by one of the Inside Out emotions! My favorite are the glittery JOY slip-ons! These will be available in girls sizes up to 12 and women’s up to 7 1/2! Inside_Out_-_Box_of_Mixed_Emotions

5. Inside Out Box of Emotions Set of 5 Books ($10, Amazon and select book retailers)

I love this set of books – each one focuses on one of the emotions. They are GREAT beginner reader books or bedtime books – they are all quick reads for getting the kids tucked in yet have a lot of fun within the pages so you can have fun with voices while reading them all! 6070040581186 (1)

6. Deluxe Talking Dolls ($19.95 Each, Disney Store and

These are so fun – relive your favorite moments on the movie with the Deluxe Talking dolls! They each say 11 different phrases in the voices of their characters (voiced by Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black). Plus, the faces light up when they talk AND you can add a photo “memory” into the included “memory ball”! inside out tsum tsums

7. Inside Out Tsum Tsums ($4.95 Each, Disney Store, Target, Select Retailers)

Who knew Tsum Tsums would be so highly collectible? You can add to your collection with the NEW Inside Out Tsum Tsum characters! They are small enough to take anywhere, perfect for and age, and at $4.95 each they are highly affordable! Did I mention they are adorable too?  

  Hugely thankful for the amazing gifts from Disney/Pixar! #InsideOutEvent #phineasandferbevent   A photo posted by Carol (@mommywants) on


Grab your favorites and go see Inside Out in theaters June 19th! Here’s a NEW featurette for you to enjoy!



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