The whole “wait ten minutes and it won’t sting as much” thing… yeah, total lie.. It still hurt.

I have an appointment tomorrow that I think my father in law will have to take me to. Cuz GUESS WHAT? my car died today. I hope the conversation isn’t too uncomfortable…

It began to overheat on the way home, I had to abandon it in a parking lot near my house and call Josh in a frantic panic. I have never ever had car issues. Well, not to the extent of stalling and trying to start it only to see steam/smoke/I don’t know coming from the hood. So early tomorrow morning I will go over to my sweet, sad car and try putting some water and oil in it in the hopes it will start again. If not, well, I’m screwed.

Tomorrow is Josh’s birthday. He may be getting me a car for his birthday. boo….

BUT at least I have the option of taking the train into work if need be. So that’s cool.