$10 Lowe’s Gift Card: Tweet a Flower or Plant

Life She Has

Lowe’s is giving away $10 gift cards when you reach 50 points and Plant a Tweet!

Go here and sign into your Twitter account.

Here are the ways to earn points:

  • Earn 10 points when you Plant A Tweet.
  • Follow @lowes and earn 10 points.
  • Earn a point for every friend that retweets your Tweet.
  • Earn 5 points by pinning your Tweet.
  • Earn a point every time a friend pins your Tweet from the website. (Limit 3 per day.)
  • Link your foursquare account and earn 4 points. Then earn 1 point every 24 hours you check in at Lowe’s. (Limit 1 check in per day.)

Let’s help each other out and retweet so we can all get the gift card! Leave your Twitter link in the comments.

Every little bit helps and this is nice timing as we are working on a basement renovation!

Thanks, Mojo Savings!

Life She Has


    1. I messed that one up somehow…That is not a link to water, just a link to come back here…NOw I need to go find my links. Anyone know how to do that?

  1. got this and did this early last week. lots of fun but getting to 50 was kind of hard but if anyone needs a tweet just let me know.

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